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Waypoint fee only financial planning-investment management services.We do not collect commissions from products. Northeast PA, Bucks-Montgomery County

Fee-Only Financial Planning
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Fee Only financial planner

How we earn our fees is designed to align your interests and our interests as closely as possible.

Many advisors have inherent conflicts of interest which arise from receiving commissions or referral fees for specific products such as annuities, insurance policies, or investment products. This means it is difficult to be sure they actually have your best interests in mind when they give you a recommendation.

At Waypoint, we are compensated in only two ways: 1) fees from financial planning, which are billed on a quarterly basis, and 2) fees calculated as a percentage of your assets for investment management services. These are all contractually agreed on up front, and we provide you with clearly outlined invoices on a quarterly basis. The only way we are paid is by what you pay us directly and transparently.

We do not collect commissions from products, receive no referral fees or kickbacks, and have no relationships with other firms or people that pay us in some way, other than the transparent one we have with you and our other clients. We are a fiduciary, sworn to put the interests of our clients above all else.

What does this mean to you? Since we have no hidden agenda or incentive, what we recommend to you is solely because we think it is best for you. It’s the only way we know to be sure you can trust that we are giving you the best possible advice we can offer.

how we work

We believe that you are unique, and that you have challenges and opportunities that make your needs different from everyone else’s. We value the personal relationships that we build with our clients, because we view financial planning as a lifelong process. As we work with you, we take the time to get to know you and your circumstances because at the end of the day, our advice for you is going to greatly depend on your personal situation.

We will meet with you several times in the first year or two of our relationship, usually quarterly, to collect and review data and go through the key parts of your financial life and the elements that either you or we think need to be reviewed. After clarifying your goals for where you want to be, we will build a financial plan to help get you there.  Eventually you may want to meet less frequently, at which point the meetings are more dictated by you and your life circumstances.  We will still always meet at least annually, and ideally semi-annually, for a review, however we certainly understand that for many of our clients, their most valuable resource is their time.

Investing well is also critical to your success. We develop a fully customized Investment Policy Statement, which serves as our agreement to be followed as we take care of the day-to-day management of your investment accounts. We also view it as our responsibility to make sure you understand the how and why behind your portfolio’s investment selections.  Arming you with that knowledge will go a long way towards reducing any fear and anxiety over market fluctuations. 

As you encounter changes in your life, we will be there to coach you through these transitions, and adapt your financial plan and investment strategy to the new landscape of your life.  Regular and consistent communication ensures that your needs are addressed in a timely manner, and we have a policy of replying to your messages within 24 hours.  Because we have put time into learning about you and your concerns in life, you can be certain that our advice is always what we think is in your best interests.