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Comprehensive Financial planning

At the heart of what we do is helping you manage, direct, and coordinate all the different facets of your financial life.  While most people commonly think of investments when they think of financial planning, we view successful investing as only one piece of the puzzle.  In reality, all the different areas of your finances, in some way, shape, or form, are related to one another.  Which is why you will often find us helping you evaluate your insurance policies, coordinating your wills and estate plan, plotting out a multi-year strategic tax plan, modeling scenarios for retirement and funding college educations, and assisting you when it comes time to buy a new home.  We offer guidance and advice that is rooted in your particular circumstances, and there really are very few limits on what we can do in the course of helping you manage your wealth. 

our 5-point philosophy on financial advice 

Expertise with empathy. Competency with compassion.

  • Finance is logical.  People are emotional.  Marrying the two is what allows us to guide our clients successfully.  It is important for your advisor to have the proper credentials and expertise and the ability to empathize, connect, and communicate with you about your situation, and that is what we believe puts us ahead of the rest.

Clear communication fosters trust.

  • A great client-advisor relationship revolves around trust and communication.  Simply put, we take pride in doing what we say we are going to do, and keeping the lines of communication open.  We also understand it can be intimidating and confusing to try to have a discussion filled with industry jargon.  And while some jargon is unavoidable, we do our best to keep it to a minimum, and explain as necessary.

Education and knowledge leads to understanding.

  • We readily admit that most people may not enjoy this subject matter as much as we do.  However, we also view it as our obligation to increase the general level of financial literacy, as we have found understanding goes a long way towards relieving the fear and anxiety many people associate with finances.  In short, we know you have questions, so please, ask away. 

The size of your account doesn’t necessarily relate to your need for advice.

  • Traditionally, advisors charge a fee based upon the assets they manage, and that is typically how we operate.  However, experience has shown us that there are many circumstances where that effectively eliminates the option of getting good financial advice for some of the people who need it the most.  Therefore, at our discretion we may alternatively charge an annual financial planning fee instead.

Financial advice should be made in your best interest, and free of conflicts of interest.

  • The vast majority of the financial industry is made up sales people selling financial products, instead of trained advisors offering financial advice that is in your best interest.  It is analogous to going to the hospital when you have a medical issue, and having a drug company’s sales rep come into the doctor’s office and sell you their latest pill for a commission, instead of a trained medical doctor diagnosing the issue and prescribing a treatment plan.  We cannot emphasize enough our belief that financial advice should come from a fiduciary – someone who is required to put your best interests first.