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We have found that there are two questions that are often at the tip of your tongue if you are a prospective client:
“Are we a good fit?  What are your other clients like?”
 Let us address both of those as best we can:

“Are We a Good Fit?”

As a prospective client, you are likely a good fit if you find that the following apply:

-       You are looking for a firm that can coordinate and help you manage all the different areas of your financial life: investments, insurance, taxes, wills and estate planning, retirement planning, college planning, etc. 
-       You are looking to build a relationship with your advisors, want to have open communication, and value objective advice that is offered within the context of your unique circumstances.
-       You are looking for advice that is free of conflicts of interest, fees that are fully disclosed, and a process that is both understandable and logical.  
You are comfortable relying on your advisors and their network of professional experts to carry out the financial plan that we will craft together.

“What are your other clients like?”

As for our other clients, while we are obsessed with client confidentiality, we can safely provide the following client scenarios at different stages of life to give you some insight on what it might be like to work with Waypoint.  Obviously, names have been changed for confidentiality purposes:


The Young Couple – Lisa & John  

Lisa and John were looking for someone to help start them off on the right foot, when a mutual friend introduced us.  They both were unsure of what to expect, as they had minimal experience with investing and didn’t think they had enough money to warrant “a financial guy” in the first place.  Our broad view of finances appealed to them since what they really wanted to do was buy their first house and plan ahead to starting a family, without making any missteps that would affect them years down the line. 


Family 5.jpg

The Growing Family – Michael & Melissa

Michael and Melissa first met with us when their son Max was only 4 months old and they wanted to open a college savings account.  What started off as a simple conversation about how best to fund a future college education quickly blossomed into a wide ranging discussion about their finances at large, as Michael had questions about an imminent career move, Melissa was worried about not having adequate life insurance, and they both had concerns about a host of other financial topics that at first glance were only peripherally related.  They really liked the idea of having a trusted advisor to turn to who considered their big picture and offered objective advice.


The Divorced Mother of Two – Lauren

Lauren will be the first to tell you that most people don’t head into marriage thinking about divorce, yet sometimes that is how it turns out.   We first met shortly after her divorce was filed when one of her girlfriends recommended that she talk with us in an attempt to help her get organized.  By all accounts, it was a messy situation that became overwhelming at times since there was so much uncertainty and change going on at once, all in addition to the emotional toll of going through a divorce.  Having us reliably be there to listen to her concerns and provide advice proved to be invaluable, as it allowed Lauren to stop worrying about her finances and focus her energy where it needed to be: on her children and herself.


The Pre-Retirement Couple - Cathy & Dave

Cathy and Dave reached out to us after a shake-up at Dave’s work prompted them to take a hard look at whether or not they were ready for retirement.  Dave’s position as Director was safe, but the incident lead to a number of conversations at home, and they wanted an outside opinion on the current state of their finances.  Cathy also had questions about her teacher’s pension in light of all the recent cutbacks, and they realized that while they always thought they would be OK, they had never really had someone take a comprehensive look at everything to make sure they were on the right track.


The Widow – Anne

Anne came to us shortly after her husband John passed away from a heart attack.  John had always taken care of their finances, and while he was very organized, she was simply at a loss as far as knowing what to do with the accounts that were now left in her name, how to make sure they would last, and where to even start in the first place.  The first meeting we had with Anne and her daughter was quite understandably emotional, yet she finally felt some of the weight being taken off her shoulders.  Knowing we would coordinate with her attorney and accountant with her on her behalf was a great relief, as was knowing that we would help her determine what level of support she could reasonably expect from her assets given her goals.   She also found it reassuring to know that we would be there to answer her questions and explain the process when she was ready.


The Post-Retirement Couple – Howard & Pam

Howard and Pam have been longstanding clients for years, and had dreamt of retiring to North Carolina for quite some time.  But for one reason or another they always postponed their plans.  Their last grandchild graduating high school finally prompted them to make the move, however they expressed concern about the physical distance and losing touch with us.