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Are looking for a financial advisor that can coordinate/manage all areas of your financial life?Waypoint investment Management Service Bucks County PA


Our Clients

We have found that there are two questions that are often at the tip of your tongue if you are a prospective client:  “Are we a good fit?  What are your other clients like?”  Let us address both of those as best we can: 

“Are We a Good Fit?”

As a prospective client, you are likely a good fit if you find that the following apply:

  • You are looking for a firm that can coordinate and help you manage all the different areas of your financial life: investments, insurance, taxes, wills and estate planning, retirement planning, college planning, etc. 
  • You are looking to build a relationship with your advisors, want to have open communication, and value objective financial advice that is offered within the context of your unique circumstances.
  • You are looking for financial advice that is free of conflicts of interest, fees that are fully disclosed, and a process that is both understandable and logical.  
  • You are comfortable relying on your advisors and their network of professional experts to carry out the financial plan that we will craft together.


“What are your other clients like?”

As for our other clients, while we are obsessed with client confidentiality, we can safely provide the following client scenarios at different stages of life to give you some insight on what it might be like to work with Waypoint.